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Do you ever go back in time and think about how the world operated in the pre-crypto period? To be honest, we don’t. We believe that crypto is not just a way of making financial decisions, it is a futuristic way of living, and we would very much like to adapt to it.

If we think about it, our world is built up of varieties with everything that makes us whole. Likewise, cryptocurrencies give you tons of options to discover and decide upon. There are different blockchain networks, different exchanges for crypto activities, and even different wallet services for the same.

Although crypto has already begun to dominate a large share of everyday work and there are over 100 cryptocurrencies, they are still limited. This implies that the demand for crypto is on an upward slope whereas, supply has been unable to match that level, yet.

Thus, liquidity pools were ideated and launched, which went on to cater to the supply crisis and optimized it. Here, in this exclusively detailed read, we’ll be guiding you to know one such exchange that has been associated with a liquidity pool to render the designed services.

The QuickSwap platform is a globally developing service based on crypto that has a high-end liquidity pool. This crypto pool is developed to help users swap compatible crypto of the blockchain network it is on (the Polygon blockchain).

The platform functions on a smart contract system alongside the AMM model or the Automated Market Maker model for a unique identity. Now that you have the basic idea of what the exchange is all about, we’ll be sharing a few more significant details to help you use the service and increase its utility.

Reading along, you’ll get to know more about the exchange service that helps you swap supported crypto variants, the way it is designed to be used, the way it would function, and the very extensive section that contains the entire list of supported variants.

So, what is QuickSwap Exchange and how to use it?

We are pretty sure that the introductory part of this read gave you an overall idea of what QuickSwap Exchange actually is but here’s a brief statement that says exactly that- since the demand for crypto is relatively more than the supply, QuickSwap is an exclusive liquidity pool exchange that lets users swap their crypto that can operate on the Polygon blockchain network.

This part of the read has been aimed at talking you up to using the platform and getting a refined and decentralized crypto experience. One of the best parts of this exchange service is that users are not required to place any type of purchase order, they can simply visit the official site and go on to close the necessary or desired transaction.

Before moving to use the exchange, you should know that the exchange shares compatibility with Ethereum and Ether-based tokens (also known as ERC20 tokens), because they have properties to bridge the two very renowned blockchain networks (Ethereum and Polygon).

The level of security and reliability offered to the users have been recognized as “almost identical” with another swap exchange platform- UniSwap. But, it is different in many ways from each other. Now, to experience this exclusive service, just get on the official website, connect your wallet there (only if compatible), and then begin to “Swap”.

Understand the functioning of the QuickSwap Exchange

The major focus of the users gets shifted to the interactions they can carry on with the associated smart contract network and not on making trade transactions as operational makers and/or takers of the market network.

What makes QuickSwap so great is the fact that anyone can be a part of it, there are no restrictions or limitations to it- any user on the network can choose to deposit into the liquidity pool and swap it for any other available coin of the same deposited amount.

For contributing to the liquidity pool, providers get an identity of Liquidity Providers which results in receiving LP tokens as receipts and can be burned to further claim rewards on the platform. The rewards offered to liquidity providers have been categorized as extremely generous

Another amazing fact that users must know about the exchange is that there is no order book authority to determine the prices of the tokens accessible on the platform. In fact, there is a particular formula employed for the same purpose- the Constant Product Market Maker or the CPMM.

In our opinion, there are many little and precise details that prove QuickSwap as the best way to go for making swap transactions on the Polygon network. However, we would suggest you do two more things before you decide in its favor- one is to visit the official website, and two is to enquire from people who’ve already used this service platform.

Go through the steps of using QuickSwap

We bet you didn’t know that this swap and trade exchange can be accessed via any of the Internet browsers and they can be on your desktop and your mobile phones. But, now that you know, we would really love it if we can show you around the steps of using the exchange platform:

  1. Go on to enter the official site athttps://quickswap.exchange/.
  2. Connect the site with any of your existing wallets (MetaMask or Trust Wallet is preferred).
  3. To start with your exchange, go on to choose the “Swap” option tab.
  4. It’s time for you to pick up the token pair that you’d want to swap with your transaction.
  5. Once that is done, hit the “Swap” key again, and submit your choices to get a pop-up preview.
  6. Now, to wrap up get on the linked wallet and confirm the transaction request.

Note:That is exactly what you’d need to do to complete your desired QuickSwap crypto transaction.

Need to check the QuickSwap token list?

Worry not, we are here to help you with knowing the extensive list of crypto that is available on the exchange and is accessible to you for swapping. Enlisted are the tokens that we believe make QuickSwap whole:

  • USDC
  • WETH
  • USDT
  • DAI
  • TEL
  • WBTC
  • GHST
  • SAND
  • ADS
  • ICE
  • OI
  • IXT
  • GNS
  • AAVE
  • DG
  • BLOK
  • LINK
  • CEL
  • AVAX
  • PolyDoge
  • SOL
  • UNI
  • BIFI
  • DINO
  • PBNB
  • polyBUNNY
  • OMEN
  • maUSDC
  • $DG
  • WISE
  • Krill
  • ADDY
  • GFARM2
  • FISH
  • PYR
  • PUP
  • …and so many more.


The detailed read above has been carefully designed to help you get familiar with an exclusive exchange service related to crypto in this hi-tech but scarce world. Well, the cryptocurrencies still have some limitations, which results in less supply as compared to its demand in this crypto dominated world.

This scarcity of crypto tokens gave birth to the concept of liquidity pool and since then, swapping transactions have surfaced a lot. Here, in the read above, you got to learn about one of the most renowned exchange services in the world- the QuickSwap crypto exchange.

You read through a brief introduction of the exchange along with what service it caters to on the Polygon network. Adding to the data cluster, you also read through how the platform functions, the steps you’d need to undergo for swapping desired crypto and the list containing a few crypto variants that you’d find on the exchange platform service.